KYOWA stress measurement kit PCAS-1000A

KYOWA stress measurement kit PCAS-1000A Specialized for PCB stress measurement according to

Content of kit:

  • 1 unit PCD-400A sensor interface:
    4 channels / unit (extension to 4 x 4 channels)
    max. sampling frequency: 10 kHz
    frequency response range: 0 – 200 Hz ± 10% deviation
    built-in bridge circuit
    bridge power voltage: AC 2 V rms
    24 bit A-D conversion
    low-pass filter
    UI-55A input adapter
    CE mark 
  • 1 pc PCAS-100A stress measuring software
    helps beginners to measure PCB
    virtual PCB
    enabling instrument setting
    stress measurement & data acquisition
    reporting feature
    max/min principal strain
    strain rate
  • 1 pc housing case
  • 1 pc AC adapter
  • 1 pc USB cable


Name Remark Type Size  
PCAS-1000A pdf 4.99 MB Download